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Part of the Ruta de Rio Sonora is the river crossings; the road crosses back & forth over the river quite a few times. We are in the dry part of the year as they haven't seen rain in a couple of months but at least a few of the crossings still had some water in them.

People on horseback were something we came to see a lot of, the horse is still a viable means of transportation in Mexico.

We came into the town of Bacoachi right around lunchtime; a wrong turn immediately upon entering the town had us tooling up and down tiny streets wondering if the signs on some of the buildings meant food of fertilizer. Soon enough we found our way out to the main drag and came upon this little diner sort of place on the side of the road; we were hungry and decided to stop in and give it a try.

I originally thought that they cooked and served the food outside but that was actually the condiment bar; you went inside to order and eat but put on your veggies out in front. It was stifling hot inside but it felt pretty good. Unfortunately both of my Spanish lessons deserted me when we went inside and discovered that no one spoke a word of English; one of the women ran outside brought in a guy who did all the translating, I still think we could have figured it out but I may have ordered something with tripe in it without his help.

As it was I got a couple of beef tacos.

They're actually quite small, maybe 5" diameter tortillas but they were packed with minced beef. I went out to the condiment bar and put a little bit of colored stuff on them for forms sake and then heartily enjoyed them. I've never considered that tacos don't necessarily come with ground beef.

When all was said and done I think the meal cost us less than $8 US for the two of us, tasty and affordable!
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