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While we were having our lunch Alberto came in with a couple of his buddies; he told us he had a ranch about a miles away and would we like to take a tour?

I was a little nervous at first but finally decided that we were here for a bit of an adventure so we might as well give it a go. We drove about 1/2 a mile down the asphalt and Alberto turned off onto a dirt lane. As we're following him along what seemed like 40 miles of loose dirt all I could think of was that in 10 years someone was going to come across whatever was left of my body after the wildlife was done with it.

Finally we come around the last corner and are able to feast our eyes on La Paloma; actually it doesn't have a name yet but this is what the townspeople call it.

The ranch has been in Alberto's family for well over 100 years and all the land is worked much the same way it was back in the day. He started building the resort 9 years ago and hopes to open it this year; actually he already has a family booked for the end of July so he needs to get working. I got the feeling that he's built everything the the help of a few friends and his 2 sons; all the supplies are fairly local, such things as the bricks are all hand made.

Alberto lives in Cananea and comes down about 3 days a week to work on the property; there are only 9 guest rooms but he has the ability to expand if it's necessary.

He's still got a lot of work to do but I can tell you that I look forward to spending at least a long weekend down here sometime in the near future.

This is a real working ranch, all the cattle are worked on horseback; Alberto told me that he was approached recently by some American cowboys who were tired of doing their jobs on motorcycles and ATV's and wanted to come down to work for him like real cowboys. He was all for it except that they wanted equal wages to what they were making in the States, it just doesn't work that way down in Mexico.
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