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Alberto is rightfully proud of the history of his land. He has a water pump that's been in operation since the mid 1800's; you can see the beam that the horse would be hitched to on the right side of the picture, there is a linkage that runs underground and is hooked to the belt on the well to the left. Amazingly, to us at least, the water level in the well is very high; we tried a bit and it was sweet, clear and cold.

We finally had to bid Alberto a fond farewell, it was getting a bit late and we weren't sure what else we might run into on the way. Alberto told us to watch for a certain rock formation called the Serape, he said we'd know it because it was right by the Madonna but unfortunately it was best viewed in the morning sunlight.

We got back on the road but I became increasingly sure that I'd made a wrong turn somewhere; of course there really aren't that many turns to make but I tend to glance at the sign, go whatever direction is comfortable and then spend the next ten miles trying to remember what direction the arrow was pointing.

Eventually we came upon a brightly-colored painting on the side of the cliff wall.

It took me a few minutes to register that this was probably the Madonna and that I'd completely missed the Serape. I'll be back through on Monday and maybe in the morning so I chalked it up as something I'll see on the way back.

While touring La Paloma I realized that my camera battery was well on its way to dying, I'd not brought my charger since I had 2 batteries but this didn't look good; I elected to try to save my battery as much as possible.

About an hour later we pulled up in front of La Posada del Roi Sonora.

Our hosts, Bill and Irma were waiting for us, I got the impression that they expected us much earlier and were waiting around for us to arrive. We were the only guests in the place and they had people to see and things to do. Bill took us to our room, a little dark and cramped, then took us on a short tour of the place. As we were winding up he asked if we'd like to upgrade; I asked him how much more and he told me $100, I told him no. Bill countered with $20 and I asked him what he had in mind.

It turns out Bill was saving the best for last as he led us to the Honeymoon suite. For an extra $20/night we got a good-sized jacuzzi in the room...

And this cool shower

I couldn't fit the whole shower in the picture, there are actually 2 shower head in it and the whole thing is surrounded by stone, real stone not that faux crap we get around here. We decided to take the upgrade.
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