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I asked Bill if there was a place I could park the bike that would be off the street, he replied that there was no reason to as it would be perfectly safe but I could park it at his house. He told me to go around the corner to the first (only) garage door and it would probably be going up as I came up to it.

I made my way over there and waited while he opened the door. Once I got parked he told me that he and Irma would be heading out in the morning but he'd get one of his staff to let me in to get the bike. I felt it would be rude to take pictures as I walked through this house but let me just say that Bill's not living a hard life down in Banámichi.

Karen and I finished unpacking our bags and made our way down to the dining room, the menu consisted of "Chili Colorado" and that was about it, it's not necessarily good to have the whole place to yourself. We made our way back to the room and got some rest before our travels continued on Sunday.

We got up late on Sunday and made our way to the breakfast hall; I ordered something that I think was called Machaca. After we ordered I began to realize that breakfast is sort of an ordeal. First we got a bowl of fruit, apples and melon, with a side of plain yogurt and some sort of granola; I followed Karen's lead and spooned some of the yogurt on the fruit and then poured the granola on top of it, it was quite tasty.

Machaca looks sort of like hash and had a puddle of red next to it, I made a sort of taco out of it using the accompanying dish of tortillas and wasn't displeased. Within the hour I was a little less pleased as I went into intestinal distress and knew for sure that I had some rare Mexican bowel moving disease for which there was no cure and I'd be found completely dehydrated and laying in my own filth on Monday when they came to clean the room.

Luckily the symptoms passed fairly soon and we decided to ride down to the Agua Caliente (Hot Springs) in Aconchi.

Originally we'd planned on bicycling to the hot springs as from the literature I'd read I believed they were quite close. What I found was that they were 16 miles away; I know there are many out there who'll say that 16 miles isn't too bad on a mountain bike but they can't count me among their number. From what I understand there is a hot spring that's closer but it's really only a lukewarm spring and is best left for summertime.

On the way out of town we stopped by the local fountain; it seems as though every town has a fountain, none of which have any water in them.

There is something significant about the rock on the shoulders of the men but I can't find it right now. If you look closely you can see the glyphs carved into the boulder.

These glyphs are ancient, the rock is put up there as some sort of historic relic.
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