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Sort of like the AlCan the Ruta de Rio Sonora is pretty much the only game in town; the whole trick is to know where you're going once you get to the town you need. Lucky for us the Agua Caliente has signs marking where we needed to turn; I'm sure that someone had told me that we'd need to traverse some dirt to get there but I'd conveniently put it out of my mind.

We started off down a steep cobblestone slope that lasted for maybe 100 feet and then I'm pretty sure we were in a riverbed. I'm not really sure how long we traveled on this stuff and it got better or worse depending upon what I'm guessing was water flow during the wet season. There were some sandy sections that just plain sucked, I hate sand.

One thing you get used to seeing is livestock. I live in Southern Arizona where we have open range but it's nothing like where we were traveling; you'd come around a corner and there a cow would be, chewing her cud and staring at you.

After being completely sure that we'd fallen for the "gringo trap" which I believe involves putting up signs that lead to nowhere we came to a steep, rocky downhill immediately after which we were stopped and asked for 40 pesos, that was the signal that we had arrived.

Keeping an eye on the sky, rain was threatening at any time, we parked with the rest of the visitors in another dry riverbed where I quickly buried by front wheel in the sand.

Before getting naked and jumping in the water, well as naked as I get in public anyway, we walked around a bit to see what it was all about. In a word it was rustic. The hot water was piped out of the side of the mountain.

From where it was channeled over to the swimming area.

I wondered why the distance is so far from the source to the pool, but I can tell you that the water coming out of the mountain was hotter than I could stand.

Most people drove to the hot springs, but since this is Mexico there was at least one person who only had one horsepower under the hood.

We made our way over to the caretakers house; I swore this dog was dead but after close examination I could see his sides moving, other than that I never saw him move a muscle.

We walked back toward the pool to get our swimming clothes; it was full of mostly kids but I came across what had felt like 40 miles of deep sand and I was getting into some hot water.

We found an empty picnic table where we could store our stuff and jumped into the water.

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