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The water really wasn't all that warm. Sure, the water coming out of the trough was good and hot but I guess it just couldn't keep up with the size of the pool. Don't get me wrong, it was still great and I was more than satisfied but jacuzzi levels it was not.

One little boy took a shine to me, I don't know what his deal was but he wanted to hang around us. Finally he started talking to me, I stared at him like a cow stares at an oncoming train and said, "Yo no habla Espanol". He looked at me like he didn't believe me and said, "No?"

He left us alone for awhile but then came back and asked me my name, in English; I told him and then Karen asks him his, in Spanish. He tells us him name is Omar and then decides he's had enough and leaves us alone. Eventually I realized that all the adults have left and we're the only ones in the pool above the age of 10 so we decide to get out and dry off.

Just as we're getting ready to leave a couple of Caballeros ride by, I still get a kick out of seeing this sort of stuff.

We get packed up and head on out the way we came, I'd almost forgotten that hill we'd come down to get here and now we had to go back up.

The ride back to Aconchi seemed shorter than when we came out, or at least it would have been except that we had to wait for awhile for some truck that was filling it's water tanks from the stream and blocking the road. They kept telling us we could make it around but until I get the hover attachment put on the Guzzi I'll have to stay on the ground.

We just sat and talked to the cows while we waited for the road to clear.

Of course eventually the road cleared and we made our way back into town. It was getting to be past lunchtime but I'd seen a Pemex that had premium so elected to get gas first; no hassle getting gas and this was one of the few self-serve Pemex stations I've seen on my travels in Mexico.

We didn't see anything that really called out to us in Aconchi for lunch so we continued south to the town of Baviácora, I really didn't know what we were looking for but I'm a sucker for towers and steeples so we had to stop to get some pictures at the church.

Now you know this stuff has been around forever, I'm guessing 1800's easy if not quite a bit older; I really should check my history a little more.

I like the columns, and I find it fascinating that they leave the doors wide open, after all you never know who might walk in.

As I stood there I noticed the carving above the door.

It took me awhile to get it but I've decided that it's a really demented rabbit trying to grab something out of the dish?

Look closely; the ears are on the left pointing up, there's an eye in the center and then another on top, you can barely make out the nose in the center, he's got that funky flabby mouth and then his little rabbity paw reaching up.

Okay, so it's a guy being baptized but I still see the bunny first.

To be continued...
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