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Originally Posted by bgoodsoil
I only got in a short ride before the rain started. They handle kinda funny. They take a lot more pressure on the bars to get the bike to turn but after it's leaned over it wants to fall into corners.

I don't want to push them too much yet because there's a lot of that white film/silicone stuff on them and I don't think the current rain is a good time to see how they do.

not as good looking as TKCs but then, what is?
I had been looking at these tires--they appear kinda cool. I was considering their 4.60x18 for a vintage project.

I "researched" some threads on a few off-road motorcycle forums, and they didn't get very good reviews. Not good in mud, passable on street IF you have a lightweight bike (my project IS NOT a lightweight). Others had mentioned the "floppy" sidewalls.

The intended use of the 4.60x18 is the front tire of a TW200 Yamaha (their fat-tired trailbike), not a rear wheel of a large powerful dualsport.

As for my GSPD, I'm partial to TKC80s and Tourances depending on the mission.

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