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We were now looking for a place to take care of some necessary business.
We were also looking for a park to sit down and eat lunch.
At this time of year the two situations would have to be done at two different locations.
The problem we were running into was there were no parks listed on the map.
I knew we were close to a Denny's and some other places so I headed in that direction.
The road I took brought us too far north.
I knew there was another tag around here somewhere so I headed in that direction.
We were getting close to another rider's home that we had used for our Tag-O-Rama Picnic Gatherings and I had wanted to see him again anyway.
So I found the road (from memory ! ) and I found his house without a problem.
I pulled in the driveway and turned to my wife and said, 'Do you think they are home and want to be bothered?'
As I turned around again the man comes out of his house like he was expecting us.
It turns out he was just looking up information on the Garden State TOR site and had just mentioned my name to his wife when he looked out his window and saw us coming.

We had a great visit.
I wish I had gotten a picture of him and his wife.
Very nice couple.
We stayed longer than we should have probably, but we had some great conversations about stuff we had been doing or were planning on doing and we were able to help one another.

Great to be able to see other riders.
Even if not on the road on a bike.

We left with some daylight left and I took the long way home on roads I had never been on before.
I rode past several other old tags, some I recognized, and some I didn't find out about until later, but it was getting too late to stop and take pictures.
We stopped for dinner at a place that could be used for a tag.

With the marble lion and the neon that would make a great night tag shot.
The problem is they are not open 24 hours.
I guess there is no one in the Pine Barrens going out to diners at 1 in the morning.
Here was my meal (after I started on it!).

Chicken Parmegiana.
One piece of meat too !
I had never seen a chicken that big!

Then off to home ready for my/our next adventure.

Red Lion Diner @

My Thread of Where I've Been: "PC's Adventures in PIctures"

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