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Hi Rich!

Thanks for helping out.

It seems that when I get my code from the share button on Smuggy I get different gobbltygook than you:


flashvars="s=ZT0xJmk9NTczNTU3MjAzJms9QUh2bzYmYT04Njc5NzY4X0hq a0hFJnU9UHV0dHM=&ap=0"


flashvars="s=ZT0xJmk9NTczNTU3MjAzJms9QUh2bzYmYT04Njc5NzY4X0hq a0hFJnU9UHV0dHM="


flashvars="s=aT01NzM1NTcyMDMmaz1BSHZvNiZhPTg2Nzk3NjhfSGprSEUm dT1QdXR0cw=="

I also noted I don't get a Smuggy logo to the right above the control bar and the clips that are working properly do.

Just mentioning it.
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