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Originally Posted by Cigar Mike
The problem you will have doing it like this will be the stop in the down position. There will be a lot of force placed on the connection to the bash plate. If it is not sturdy enough it will deform or break loose the bolts. To prevent that you may need to place a steel backing plate on top of the bash plate to distribute the force over a greater area. Placing a stop that will not casue you to loose even more ground clearance is also an issue.

You will have to strap it up as suggested because the upper spring attachment needs to be a little higher then the pivot of the stand or there will not be enough tension to keep the stand up.

You need also to locate the balance point of the bike so that the front is not to light. This is very near the foot peg location and the center stand attachment will need to be rearward of that point.

Send me a picture of the bottom, from front and back and I will see if I can give you any ideas.

Cigar Mike

All excellent points. This isn't my project; just a (not much thought) suggestion. The 690 bikes have a trellis frame and plastic skid-plate. There are skid-plates which extend past the pegs so one of those would be required as you note (Flatland does not). The 690 e tends to be a bit rear heavy. I just weighed mine with full tank, tank bag, rear rack with bag of tubes, tools, rain-suit, etc. and it was 159.8 (front)+187.2 (rear) using a digital scale which is 3/4" high, so the measurement is pretty accurate. Other weights will vary depending on mods. Mine is minus a bunch and plus others and I run a Leo Vince SBK. I haven't measured where the foot pegs are along the 58" wheelbase. Again, I don't want a center stand, so I hereby tender my resignation as chief design engineer on this project. Time for a Cigar Mike.
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