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Eek Speed Advisories....

Originally Posted by slartidbartfast
I am discovering that speed limits for the corners tend to be very conservative for the road surface and bend radius. However, many of the corners are blind and will also be the only places along the highway where loose gravel accumulates. Only once did my route skirt the edge of a heavy shower, but it was barely enough to put a few spots on the road and soon passed behind.

Hi Slarti... enjoying your romp through some familliar places. It is always nice to see the place through others eyes.

Regarding the Speed Advisory signs... yes, they do tend to be conservative, particularly for bikes but don't get too carried away

There are some (such as the one shown in your photo) that are blind but have a good entry point but others, marked with the same speed suggestion that do not set up well, can be quite tricky to get through at much above the posted number! Take care.

Much more fun is to be had on corners where the tar seal (chip seal) has melted due to high temperatures at some point and then the cars and trucks have driven the stone chips down below the level of tar. When this cools off, you are left with a slick, smooth surface that offers almost no grip in wet conditions and minimal in the dry. These patches can (and will) give you a nasty fright if you are not expecting it. They are mostly found in or near the apex of the corners so beware of a blind turn and set your speed closer to the advisory if you are uncertain or cannot see the road surface all the way through the turn.

I don't want to be a "Nanna" but we lose too many of our friends in single bike accidents.

Ok.. back to "Lurk" ( ) mode again.

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