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Originally Posted by DirtJack

All excellent points. This isn't my project; just a (not much thought) suggestion. The 690 bikes have a trellis frame and plastic skid-plate. There are skid-plates which extend past the pegs so one of those would be required as you note (Flatland does not). The 690 e tends to be a bit rear heavy. I just weighed mine with full tank, tank bag, rear rack with bag of tubes, tools, rain-suit, etc. and it was 159.8 (front)+187.2 (rear) using a digital scale which is 3/4" high, so the measurement is pretty accurate. Other weights will vary depending on mods. Mine is minus a bunch and plus others and I run a Leo Vince SBK. I haven't measured where the foot pegs are along the 58" wheelbase. Again, I don't want a center stand, so I hereby tender my resignation as chief design engineer on this project. Time for a Cigar Mike.
I was not trying to be critical of you. Sorry it came off that way. I only wanted to mention that there are some difficulties when building the center stands. I found out the hard way on most of them. The skid plates themselves usually are not strong enough to support the leverage that would be place on them. I am not an engineer, I have just through trail and error discovered a few things.

Your ideas have merit and you are the only one that offered any suggestions which is a start to discussing the project and invites other ideas. Since you own the bike and I don't you would have a better idea then me on what may eventually work.


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