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Originally Posted by Oni
I think Pasta will do well. I have seen him toss his GS around like most people toss thumpers around. First time I rode with him, he rode up at a high rate of speed and pitched that big ol' GS sideways...feet on the pegs and came to a smooth stop a few feet from me.

I was like I thought for sure there would be a huge crater when the GS augered in. Nope. Kept it on 2 wheels all day.

He takes that GS all over the place...usually on semi bald Anakees.

He'll do fine on the BRP.
The issue here is endurance, and fitness. 2 hrs. or 40 miles at race pace, that's the issue.

As I said before, pick a pace you can manage, and manage it.

As an example, 2 very, very fast guys I know (one is making a go at being pro) put on heart rate monitors, and did a local 10 mile loop at "race" pace. They are both A class riders. Heart rate never dropped below 190 BPM.

That is the issue. Fitness, not skill.

Tail of the Dragon at Deal's Gap... Avoid it now, do a trackday.

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