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Originally Posted by Barry
The issue here is endurance, and fitness. 2 hrs. or 40 miles at race pace, that's the issue.

As I said before, pick a pace you can manage, and manage it.

As an example, 2 very, very fast guys I know (one is making a go at being pro) put on heart rate monitors, and did a local 10 mile loop at "race" pace. They are both A class riders. Heart rate never dropped below 190 BPM.

That is the issue. Fitness, not skill.

Don't stress out about it.
Just go at what ever pace you feel comfortable at.
Its only 40 miles if you bogg out pull off take a five minute break and then just go for a finish.
If you finish 20th or 120th you still did good

you've been on 40 mile rides before and you've been on 2 hour rides before
you've been on easy rides before and you've been on hard rides before
This is just a combination of all of those in 1 ride

You will have some very hard sections to go through
Just take your time in these sections don't hurt yourself or the bike
Your goal is to 1st have fun and 2nd finish your 1st race
As long as your bike holds up you will be able to do it
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