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Mega Tubes

Hi, Some have seen and discussed my Mega Tubes in tool tube discussions. I'm offering these now at advrider group pricing. The Mega Tubes are similar to the much discussed agri supply tubes. They are larger, 4 1/4" diameter versus 3 1/4", about 3/4" internal length longer. A little math shows nearly twice the volume. They are designed and manufactured by the original operators manual canister designer.
(fun fact- per designer, agri's are "borrowed" from his design, hence no R&D cost, hence can sell at $5). Yes, I sell these on Ebay, shame, shame. I noticed that Agri wasn't marketing these well, as in, not at all, and took a shot at it. My sales have been popular enough to spawn 5 copycat ebay vendors, surprisingly using the exact same hardware and generally the same descriptions.
Anyway, enough backstory. I don't expect anyone who knows the agrisupply connection to buy from those tubes from me. I realize it's a good product, and have worked hard to develop complimentary items around it. I brought to market the Tube Tender, a liner bag. I developed locking systems for all three tubes, the standard, the stretch, and the Mega. I sourced a mega compatible tool roll. But the biggest project yet has been the Mega tube- This required a separate production run, shipped from N China, got caught up in Homeland Security for 3 weeks- but, now available. I sold out of my first 48 samples immediately in October, and chose to take the plunge for a steady supply.
Are they the greatest thing ever? No, they wont' change your world- but they are pretty damn cool- especially if you have the standard tube, and wanted to put something just a bit bigger in one. Think quart size yogurt container for diameter- Same brackets, slightly different cap threads, same general durability as standard tube.
But- a 1.5 Liter Primus fuel can fits- as the Mega cap compresses the gasket, the primus cap is tightened in place- fuel can diameter slightly less, not the same air whoosh fit as the std and the 1 liter can, but still pretty cool.
Advrider pricing $19US, paypal only, plus appropriate shipping. US Domestic, I ship USPS priority. These package up at about 22 oz, so you are at the 2 lb rate. Ships from 98225. Local pickup fine, cash. International, I ship USPS 1st class intl. Generally $14.20 Add $0.75 for packaging. I'd love to ship cheaper, but these are the costs, and I package to minimize damage.
Tube Tenders, $15.50- Sorry, they cost alot to make, that's break even for me.
Tool Rolls, $22- again- costs - these are limited, about 30 left, doubt I'll order 100 more.
Contact me thru PM, but dpelkie (at) may get quicker results.
Alternate website,
photos at
Thanks, fire away questions, comments, stories.....
Sorry, working on the photo thing.....

Update 1/20. A few details I forgot. Mega tube comes w/ hardware, 3 (5/8") stainless p clamps, 3 nut/bolt/wash 1/4-20 allen head stainless, and zipties.
International shipping. Any packages over $38 of stuff, I will be adding insurance at $1.65 to the order. I have had only a few stray enroute, but it's a big hit to replace out of my pocket. So far, domestic shipping has been fine, and has a track number. Thanks
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