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Originally Posted by bpeckm
Nice! I was on the other thread and thinking of asking for a shot of the front end of the bike... I could see the Earles and wanted to see more of the brake....

DO let us know about the wire-to-the-coil method.

Note: I don't know if I mentioned calibrating the speedo in the thread... but I did it by trial and error and a known quantity. I looked up the RPM/speed chart, and figured out exactly how fast I should be going for, say, 3000rpm.

I then set the Acewell up so that I could easily read the RPM and the speed (both are digital readouts), and then did the trial=amd-erro part: adjust the circumference number up or down until the speed readout is where it should be at that given rpm. I think it took four or five stop-and-goes.... Read it, stop the bike and open the menu and change the number, then go. Repeat as necessary!

Good luck... bike is looking great!

I'll also go with your recommendations playing with the speedo calibration.....I've been told that the Earls Fork pictured is a BMW /2 unit which has been modified with different shock mounts, fender, etc. (?).....The disc brakes are a Japanese type so came from a donor in years back and the mounts were fabricated......The original Donor Tug (wrecked from a hack side swipe) was built by a guy in the S.F. Bay area years ago according to the P.O. All I used from the donor tug was the sidecar sub frame, front end and the engine (was rusted tight).....

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