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After work yesterday I ran home to pick up my wife and we head out to place a new SJT tag.
I had passed this back in early June of last year and had always wanted to do it.

I told you I had a liking for these things.

One of the reasons I had not used it earlier is because I thought it was just north of our South Jersey Tag-O-Rama boarder of I-195.
It wasn't until recently that I boinked myself on the head when I found out it wasn't !
It is just south of I-195 by about 1/2 mile.
All this time I could have used it. Oh well.
It is used now.
I was hoping this whole time that no one else would use it.
Thanks guys !

It is also about 1/2 mile north of this.

More like Six Flag-poles this time of year !
I wonder how the girraffes deal with the cold?

Amazingly no one has tagged this yet either.
Well, someone did tag one of the back gates to the Safari.

I took a bunch of pictures of this guy.
I call him "My Halfwit's Half Brother".
He is a copy of my avatar.
He is known as a Muffler Man Halfwit.

Here are some more pictures of him.

This is a bit of a scarry angle for this guy.

From the statues I have visted I have noticed that the feet are usually the first thing to deteriorate, but his still look good.

There are several stores at this location and they do a haunted house thing here too.

And aparently they have a paintball park here too.

One website I looked at said "Muffler Men are the cigar-store Indians of the late 20th century."
That is what they were, and are, used for.
To attract attention.
They sure got mine !

I just find them interesting.
They do come in pieces. (This is the one pictured here before being set up.)

I still have a couple of more of these things to show you at some point.

I tried having him ride my bike like I did with the one at Mr. Bill's, but with this one being on a trailer it was too high to get the proper angle.
Oh well,
I tried !

And by the way, this tag was picked up in under an hour !

SJT 159 Muffler Man Halfwit the Second

Muffler Man Halfwit the second @
(you can see his shadow to the left of the icon.)

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