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Bearings replaced under warranty.

Originally Posted by jjoster
Well, I mounted a pair of TKCs a couple weeks ago and checked my bearings while I was down there. My rear disc side bearing was decidedly gritty. Humbug! Now I'm trying to get BMW to warranty the replacement and A. they have none. B. they can't tell me if it will be warrantied until after the work is completed. Oh, and they claimed to know nothing about the rear bearings being an issue.
I contacted BMW Atlanta through this board (thanks YetiGS for the tip) and they offered to start stocking the F800GS wheel bearings so I didn't have to have them inspect my bike and then wait for replacements to be delivered. The dealer called me when they had them in stock and I went in today for repair. They said my disc side rear bearing was installed improperly. It was not quite straight in the hole and was having unusual side loading, or something like that. I didn't get to talk to the mechanic directly. They replaced two of my rear bearing under warranty and sent me on my way. I could see that there was some unusual wear marks on the bad bearing opposed to the good bearing they replaced.

My thanks to BMW Motorcycles of Atlanta for taking their responsibility to BMW's customers seriously and going the extra mile for me specifically.

Bobby, you guys rock!

I'll check my bearings again when I replace this new tire and report back if my bearing is wrecked again. I'm guessing it will be fine though.
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