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As you can see from the last picture at Carranza Memorial there is nothing but pine trees around here.
If you look at the map all you see is green, and tan where there are open areas of sand.

The Pine Barrens are not that bad if you go looking for things.
There are some nice scenic areas to be found.
I posted this earlier, but this is on Carranza Road about 2 miles south east of the Memorial.
This is that bridge that I got for my first tag pick-up.

Here is a view off to the right of this picture.

A little further down the road you get into some cedar swamps.

A lake here.

A swamp there.

A river here.

I find these areas quite interesting.
You can not go into them or you will sink in the muck.
Plus there's nothing out there anyway!
But the cedar stands out here are pretty nice to look at.

Sp ky at night though !

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