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Originally Posted by Gregarious
Just getting back to this thread..

No, no spies, but it just makes sense, doesn't it!? And I bet it'd be easy for someone to add a few hose-clamp-type-thingies and make this same rack work on just about any tubular rear rack. I would've loved this same setup on my old 640 Adventure. But don't get distracted too much by non-F800GSs until the first batch goes to production!

This looks really promising. Now it'll be hard to sell my SW Motech rack when this becomes available. Excellent work!
A couple of quick pics of second proto rack and the bike set up for the Vancouver Moto Show. Notice the "keyhole" mounting holes courtesy of MotoRiley's brain! They work really well.

And with the side Roto Pax mount;

The front of the F800 GS top rack has been altered a bit to give a little more space to the passenger from the first version shown. This pic shows the rack in the forward position as opposed to the top pic it's in the rear position for a passenger.


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