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Eh? Rainy Season?

Originally Posted by WildwoodMOCruiser
Does NZ have a "rainy season" ?
Or, like here in MidWest it can just be anytime.. (It's raining now.)
Glad you are having a great trip. Looks beautiful.

Thanks for posting.

South Island, West Coast = rain! Any time of the year. Milford Sound, rainy season = 364 days of any given year They are not always consecutive.

Seriously, Winter is generally wetter than the Summer but it can rain plenty at any time of the year in any part of the country. The land mass of NZ is not large enough to make its own weather but the Eastern side is definitely dryer than the Western side due to the prevailing winds and weather patterns that approach from the West.

Local weather reports/forcasts are generally good for one day only in advance and even then can be completely wrong. I wouldn't want to be a Meteorologist in this country If in doubt, ask a local inhabitant of long standing, they will usually be able to give good advice.

Hope that helps

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