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day 11..

so i woke up on day 11, stuck my head out the tent, and it looked like it was just gonna be HOT...

up and into it, cleaned up (squashed and bagged the beer cans ) had some breakie, admired this great spot:

It was another day of crusing thought forests along the Murray..

went here, but was dissapointed with what i found

oh well, at least the river was there for some company..

by now, i was starting to get close to Mildura, thought some civilisation would be nice for a change..

the landscape was changing..

spent an hour or so in Mildura, "civilisation" just wasnt working for me, so i decided it best to 'bugger off' and spend my saturday night 'out there'..

time to cross over into New South Wales again..

went to Wentworth and made it worthwhile by pickin up some 'provisions' (fuel, beer, mince )

stopped down by the river for a break and a 'map look' to see where i was heading..

decided to head out towards Lake Victoria via the Renmark road..

it was a stinker of a day, the first 40 (?) kms were bitumen,

the country was really opening up and becoming more 'marginal'..

i'd stop every now and they and either stretch the legs:

or to take a gratuitious bike shot

or to just add to the 'modern art'

anyway, the bitumen soon ended and it was into the 'marbles' for a while..

with the odd bit of 'high speed hard baked clay'

the day was (again) getting on, so i cut down to the river to start my daily search for a good camp spot... was kinda surprised to pop out on the river at Loch 7...

i backtracked along the river a bit, came to the 'perfect clearing' but it was set-up for what looked like a fair mob of people (and like they were gonna stay there for a while!)

kept going, but ended up coming back to the 'next best spot' which was only about 500m upstream from them, started the campfire, got dinner on and then had a couple of blokes pull up in a boat... it was the (only) 2 who had the camp next door... they were just coming in for the day but had seen the fire and thought they'd best check what was going on.. brought me dinner down to their place, had a good feed, a few beers, great conversation, moseyed back to camp, took another gratuitous campfire shot and hit the sack..

end o' day eleven.......


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