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Originally Posted by woody's wheel works
Greetings ,,the powers that be have allowed me back in the general forum,,,

so i started checking the various threads of interest these last few days now that the post holiday season has settled down....

and i am truly amazed that this thread with over 800 posts on the subject,not to mention all the ones on the parrallel threads in the vendor section,,have just disappeared.. has everyone been taken care of by their dealers???

only three people showed up at my doorstep....or does it really hold true that if one denies something long enough that the problem goes away???

Just curious

I wasn't going to comment at this point because I was waiting for BMW Australias response ... but since you asked ...

I just replaced my rear TKC80 with a heidenau K60 (great tyre) and guess what, my wheel bearings replaced 5,000 km ago with TKM (couldn't get the BMW bearings, out of stock) have failed again. More TKM bearings (too far to the dealer). So YetiGS, put me down for two (and probably counting!)

The dealer in Newcastle have been good and are asking BMW for a new rear wheel, I don't have their response yet, but if I don't get what I want (NEED actually!) I am prepared to take this a long way up the BMW chain of command.

It's a great bike, perfect for me, but I am still not prepared to be killed or maimed by this fault. Hopefully it will come out alright, I really don't want to get rid of the 800.

As an aside, how's Woodys service to Australia?
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