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Day4- Christmas Day in Rosarito B.C.

Its Christmas day in Baja so we decided we would get out of the room and take the Ural into town. We soon learned that the town doesn't start moving till around 11 AM. So we have time to kill. We ride around and find a little known store.

We decided since we have a full kitchen we would get some drinks and snacks. Well we had to wait for it to open. They had security guards watching the parking lot. They loved the Ural and asked a bunch of questions.

When we had finsihed shopping some other Americans had gathered around the Ural. They told us when they pulled up, the security guards where all sitting on the bike acting like they where riding it.

So snacks and drinks bought and the trunk of the URal a regular grocery cart we started looking for some Christmas brunch. Not much open and not many people moving around by 11 AM we guess most had spent time with family. We found a taco stand open.

Christmas Brunch

It was an absolutely fabulous day and like I said not much going on. So we just drove around the town and down to the beach.

You can drive right out on to the beach.

Hey look there are people out on the beach. Lets go for a walk honey

Honey its kind of bright out here and I forgot my sunglasses

So the wife said lets go back to the hotel and get your sunglasses and walk from the hotel which has beach access down here. OK honey.

Now Im joe cool

We had a nice walk on the beach. It turns out that on Christmas day all the locals come to the beach and they have booths and stands selling stuff. People playing soccer and flying kites. Horse back rides or ATV rides. Pretty cool really.

Candy & nuts

We walked the beach which was now loaded with locals. Then we turned into town and walked back to the hotel. A locals moto.

Merry Christmas Good will to men.

Had to get Marcia by this sign. Hotmamaandme

Its Christmas so I asked the front desk a good place for dinner. He told us a place and we whent later for dinner. This was a nice candle lite dinner.

Wife- Christmas day
We were on our way back from Walmart we were looking for any taco place open. What we learned is, that if you are not a breakfast eater then you will go hungry until lunch time - which is what we ended up doing.
We saw this taco stand open and swung around to stop - we almost gave up hope. Being Christmas morning we didn't want to pass this taco stand by. They had adobada tacos and asada tacos. We had our usual tacos: 2 asada and 1 adobado for Mr. Johnson, and 3 adobado tacos for me. The flavor was very good, but just how the guy was switching between the meats almost made me not want to eat. But we are on an adventure here, so I decided not to think about it too much.
With food in our bellys we were headed back to the hotel to unpack our groceries, but decided to head to the beach.
Mr. Johnson had read in tour books that there are booths set up on the beach and we wanted to check them out.
Again, we were too early as they were just getting up. The only booths we saw was fruit stands. We were in search for churros. So we decided to walk along the beach.

Almost as soon as we stepped away from the bike we were approched by this guy. I know we totally stand out and are a huge target for these guys, but I also know this is how they make a living and I don't want to dismiss them right away. So I take a look. He has some nice things, but nothing I couldn't live without. I had shown some interest in a one of his items, and asked, 'How much?' I was pretty surprised with the response, $20.00 USD. I'm not here to get great deals, but I am also not here to be taken advantage of. I thanked him for his time and we turned to walk away. He came down in price the further I walked away and decided $10.00 was a fair price for both.

As we started to walk on the beach Mr. Johnson was shadding his face and squinting his eyes. Our helmets have a nice sun visor so he didn't bring his glasses with him - they were in the hotel on the table. I could see that Mr. Johnson was not having any fun and was suffering. So we decided to head back to our room.

As we were walking back to my bike I was approched by the gentleman's wife. She was showing me pictures of how she styles hair in braids and asked me if I would like my hair braided. I couldn't believe she asked me. I though she would see the length of my hair and completely avoid me. I was tempted, but I know that it would have taken forever, and I mean forever for her to braid my hair. I just could not make Mr. Johnson suffer in the bright sun light while I was getting my hair braided.

View of the beach from our Hotel

Beach access to our time share, Mr. Johnson now has sun glasses.
We walked along the beach into town and on the way purchased some toys for our nephews and some nuts.

We asked our front desk guy for any recommendations to eat. He recommended this place.
It was Mexican food filled with white people. It wasn't the best meal we ate. Funny thing is, we told the front desk guy the next night when he asked us about our dinner, we told him it was 'kind of white', but he didn't get it.
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