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As we were coming back into Banámichi I noticed this theme park looking thing over to the side of the road.

It looked pretty cool but a little closer inspection of their climbing was revealed that the hand & foot holds we stuck to plywood that was peeling away from the frame. It was all fenced in some sort of a compound, we went up to the building but the doors were all padlocked shut.

Dinner that night was a much different experience than the night before, for one thing we received a menu!

Of course I had no clue what most of the things were but Bill had told me last night that Taco Dorados were what we were having; figuring he wouldn't steer me wrong I went ahead and ordered them, after all I like tacos.

As we sat back and waited for our dinner I took some pics of the dining room. Bill and Irma had bought the place a few years back and it was a complete ruin at the time. The ceiling over the dining room now is original but much of the rest of it had collapsed and was sitting on the ground. I get the feeling Bill had traveled a lot and bought a bunch of souvenirs to decorate the place.

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