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Tasman twisties

Meeting the Tasman myself at Haast, I fueled up, noting what good fuel economy the Weestrom gets.

Initially paralleling the coast before dodging inland, then back again at Bruce Bay, riding up the West Coast might just have been the best part of the day. It was like riding in a tropical rain forest without the heat. Verdant growth everywhere and the road, often in the trees, coiling back and forth over and around the coastal hills.

A reminder why it's best to have a full-face helmet and keep the visor closed. I have seen more beehives here in New Zealand than anywhere else and have had a lot of bug strikes to the faceshield over the last few days.

Proof that stupidity is everywhere and you need to be on the lookout. This was on a straight section of road, miles from the nearest side street or anything else that could have given a good reason for this to occur. Fortunately, no serious injuries I was told

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