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I tend to agree with most opions here, If you want to put on the big miles you would probably be happier with a longer stroke engine. I have a o6 450 that I use saddle bags and a large duffle that will carry all my camping gear with, oh and my backpack The bike has 3.3 Accerbis tank(200 mile range), skid plate, Rad guards, Rear Rack, stock gearing, Barkbusters, softer seat ect. I find the bike runs quite happy at 50-60 mph, Living in British Columbia Canada and having Rain Forest to Deserts, pavement to single track,we dont need to travel so far, but if I wanted to travel to other provinces or countries I would prefer KLR 650, 650 XL DR650 or something similier, As far as dependability I have 12000 k and have done nothing to the engine other then staying on top of maintenance Oil, Oil filters, Sparkplug, tires. I have had several other bikes ie, dr350, xt350, xt600 ect, but you dont get the same thrill when you twist the throttle.
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