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Originally Posted by Gordy
It shouldn't be "violent". Powerful, torquey with the ability to over-rev would be a better descripton.

If yours is violent, I'd check into the power valve adjustment or it may be sticking.
Gordy, I appreciate you and LILBIT weighing-in on this. I don't know if y'all will see my response/questions. However, I want to throw them out there, anyway.

The bike is set-up as it came from the Factory (yellow/gelb auxiliary spring and the ignition curve connector engaged). The manual cautions against turning the "spring dolly". However, I have to assume that the spring dolly is also positioned correctly (I'll tell you why, later.).

I hope this question doesn't seem too ignorant. However, how could I check to see if the power valve is "sticking"?

When I say "violent", that's exactly how I mean it. When this thing "comes on the pipe", it reminds me of the complaints I used to hear about the (500cc) twin-cylinder, 2-stroke, road-race bikes of old, and how "unrideable" they were.

Originally Posted by LILBIT
If it's violent look at jetting. One small lean spot can do it. If it occurs close to where the PV is opening then things get even worse.
LILBIT, the jetting is also "as purchased". However, you may be onto something. The temperature has been in the high-40's/low-50's (probably a hair beyond the stock settings).

This is the "later" part I was talking about...

About four weeks ago, I crashed pretty bad. The 300 needed some major CPR...more than I was physically capable of doing. I took it to a dealership that I really (REALLY) trust.

When they were done, they never made reference to the jetting, or anything else. I trust them enough to believe that, if anything was wrong, they would've let me know.

What do y'all think?
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