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Originally Posted by pfb
For what it's worth, Jeff Slavens recommended the following jetting for a 6K-10K altitude stock '06 300...
  • n8rw needle, 2 clip down.
  • 42 pilot
  • 145 main
  • 1-1.5 turns out air screw
Hey pfb,

Thanks for chiming-in, buddy...always appreciate your input. I don't suppose you'd have any super-secret recipes for a 650'-above-sea-level bike? You're up in the mountains, and I'm down in Hell.

Originally Posted by Gordy
...If you can't tune out the violent surge with the jetting have someone dis-assemble your PV and check it out for worn parts...

I think I'm going to go-ahead and play with this "jetting" thing...see how I do. As far as the PV, I don't know...the bike is pretty new. I just happen to be one of those lucky people, with mad skills, who almost killed himself after eight weeks of ownership.

Originally Posted by Gordy
...Mine is unbelievably torquey, so I am putting a pipe on to see if I can get more!
Isn't that how the madness always starts? Let the beatings begin.
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