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It has been a couple of days since I posted.
I got an e-mail from Photobucket saying that I was approaching my limit on monthly bandwidth.
I am at 74% right now.
I am not totally sure what uses up bandwidth, but it will be reset to zero on the 25th.
It apparently has nothing to do with my pictures in their files, but something to do with the amount of time my pictures are used or seen !!!

So I decided to post some of my photoshopped pictures I made for the Garden State TOR.
I made these early in my "career" in the GSTOR because the tag always seemed to stay north. Too far for trying to get a tag from down here in Southern NJ.

Someone tagged this Homestead Rest Restaurant way up north.
I decided to put my bike over top of the horse and change the sign.

I did my best not to cover the other riders bike.

Then someone tagged this brewery.
This is in Lambertville. North West Central Jersey, but still a ride from here.
I think this tag got snatched up pretty fast so I didn't have time to run out for it anyway.

I am planning a Bruce Run for late April and this is on the list of Old Tags we will be visiting.

Then there was this tag in Phillipsburg of an old mile marker.
The bike on the right got the tag.
It belongs to a gentleman who really loves my pictures !
So I thought I would make this to keep him happy !

He is our most prolific tagger.
Quite a character.
I wish I had his energy.


If you are not familiar with Tag-O-Rama games then the word Bruce will be a question you will keep wondering about.

Well, as the story goes, the Ohio State Tag-O-Rama was one of the first games to be started.
There was a man who kept getting to the tags after other people had already been there.
I think you can guess what his name is!
Yes, Bruce.

And Bruce, if you are reading this, we use your name as a term of affection.
Some riders actually like getting bruced because they then do not have to go out and place a new tag!
It's all about the ride anyway.

My Thread of Where I've Been: "PC's Adventures in PIctures"
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