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Day 5 - Nov 12 2009 - Parker Arizona to Lordsburg NM - 650kms

Kind of a "late" start for us at 0930 after adjusting both our chains. 2 lane road for the first part of the day. Good breakfast at a "Saloon" type diner:

Overcast and warm. Cactus. Some interstate today. 7 lanes each way and douche drivers who love to tailgate.

A few short stops. At one coffee break, a group of car wash workers gather around the bikes and inundate us with questions. They are fascinated. One guy in particular asks why the hell we would want to do this and just says "You guys are crazy". They don't get it. They do mention that we "must have huge balls to do that trip". Indeed.

Off the interstate and into some 2 lane:

We stop by an Apache Indian reserve, which reminds me of the ones back home. We are obviously the visible minority here, and when Jay asks for a pack of Camel Lights the lady at the gas station says: "What's that, Camel Whites?" We have a good laugh at this.

We enter a beautiful mountain route (Hwy #60 if I remember correctly) that is the most scenic so far:

We dig it.

Onto 2 lane lonely desert highway and we haul ass with the road to ourselves. Make it to Lordsberg with my neck pretty sore and Jay's shoulder feelin the pain as well. We thought this was a sub-500km day but it ended up being 650. No wonder we're tired.

Ok I'm sorry to any residents of Lordsberg, but this place is kind of a dump. We check into a Ghetto hotel and have a sub-par dinner where we could not get a beer? The whole town has an abandoned vibe to it. Of course, all of this would be 5 star compared to where we would end up shortly.


Derelict restaurant. I tried to imagine what this place would have been like, hoppin' on a friday night in the 50's:

Our parking setup: 2 disc locks, a cinch lock through the skid-plates, a cable lock through the frames, Jays's steering locked and covers on both. Good luck with stealing that:

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