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Originally Posted by Chadx
I went to mount up my highway dirt bike lower bar clamps yesterday and the bolt is too long to allow any sockets or other tools to hold it while tightening from the top with the allen socket. Ideally, I'd like to get the correct bolt length, but was thinking of just taking a hack saw to the bolt to get the correct length. I'm a bit concerned that these might be hardened bolts and a hack saw will have a hard time with them. Then again, maybe not.

Since hacking bolts isn't something I'm real familiar with, anyone have any input? Any issues with doing this? If I touch up the start of the threads, starting the nut shouldn't be an issue, correct? Ideally, I just want 2 or 3 thread grooves sticking out past the end of the nut. Currently, there were 8 or 9 showing which does not allow a socket to seat. A deep dish socket won't work due to other clearance issues nor will an open end wrench. vice grips, adjustable wrench, etc. Only a short socket will clear other components and with the bolt too long, the bolt pushes the socket off the nut as I get it tightened down. I do not want to have to raise the top triple clamp to get in there if I can at all help it.

This is the same issue s3hoop posted way back on post 6581.

This is his pic and shows how a longer bolt can cause issues tightening.
Chadx, if you do decide to cut the bolt make sure you screw the nut onto the bolt before cutting. This way when you are done hacking it off you can remove the bold which will do a much better job of cleaning up the threads that were cut.

Also, I have a slew of bolts if you want to try them. How long do you think the correct length of the bolt should be with your bottom clamps?? I maybe able to hook you up.

As Ramz said, the left side was very easy to remove/install but the right side i had to turn the bars to the right to get the wrench or socket on the nut. I have video of how I did it if you wanna see it.

Hit me back.. you probably got 100mm bolt with yours and i got a box of 70mm bolts that you are welcome to a couple of them, they are what HDB sent me.
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