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Follow Aprilias lead???

Originally Posted by rallye
KTM cannot afford to get out of rallying and i think the new 450 KTM rallye bike might have LC8 printed somewhere on it !!! -500cc. my thoughts..
That would be an interesting alternative... though perhaps it would not be as easy as just putting two 225cc barrells on the current LC8 unit... would it??? (I'm not saying that is what you meant Rob). I mean the 950 motor/gearbox etc. was designed, built and dimensioned on a "one liter" configuration... I doubt that two small 250cc-ish pots would be capable of making the big hamster wheel turn sufficiently... eh?

But maybe if they developed a whole new configuration baby LC8 engine... something more along the Aprilia lines...? KTM do have a great deal of "twin" experience from the LC8 project... it's not impossible... but in the current economic situation that KTM (and everyone else) find themselves in... is it likely? Or have KTM been down down that Dakar race/development bridge before (with the LC8 rallye and 690 RR) only to have it burned behind them... because they were too successful? It might be a hard sell to the bean counters at mattighoffen with that facit in hand.

"The Bivouac" speculation continues...?
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