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Originally Posted by wickit
Sunstar 15t front as they are well built durable and equal Renthal quality IMO. RMA 47T rear off from Rocky Mountain. I would prefer a 45T rear to start out with, but do not want to spend a lot of money on trial and error sprockets. After I find the correct rear sprocket I will pony up for a top quality replacement. If I have to get a new chain I will look for a new stocker take off and just cut it down. Very happy with my stock drivetrain so far.

Steveho your running a Trail Tech Vapor correct? What RPM is your WR running at 70mph in 5th with 15/45 gearing? Did you write down what your 14/50 RPM was at 50mph? I don't know what RPM it was, but my bike ran the best feel for cruising at 50-55mph in 5th. If you have that data it would save me some cash buying sprockets.

Yes that is the tire. I don't know what I am going to do, but for now still sticking with full on dirt tires. I know unless it is similar to a 606 it would not have the off road traction I prefer. On a different bike I would be looking at a good dual sport tire, but if there is a hill to climb, mud to dig, or what ever I'm pretty much going to try it on the WR. A 14K bike such as the 800 or 990 I hope would cause me a little more caution.

Does the 6.6 Acerbis petcocks sit in the same location as the 3.3? I just installed the 3.3 last summer, but will be putting a 6.6 on very shortly. Yes it is a huge tank, but I really do need the range without carrying fuel. Just wondering if I have to do it all over again to get it plumbed in. Not that it is a huge deal. I will be adding in a seperate valve with a drain hose to transfer fuel. Way easier then siphoning it for another bike.

Oh yeah I have a barely used (no scratches) blue Acerbis 3.3 if anyone wants it.
I did not have the vapor on when I was running the 45 rear. I can tell you that its long enough to hit 100mph+ on gravel with ease. Technical terrain turns into alot of clutch riding.

With the 13-50 at 70mph i run about 9500rpm with the 15-50 i run 7500 at 70. The 15-45 would probably be around 5500-6000rpm at 70mph.

I dont think its really neccesary for you to go down to a 45. Guys who run races out in the desert up in north africa have been running 15-48 setups for years. The claim it gives them enough bottom end power for some dunes and they are still able to hit 80-90mph on the straights.

I think 45 is an overkill. But for now im happy with the 15-50 setup if I need a little more speed. Standing at riding above 70mph is way uncomfortable.
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