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Day 9 - Nov 16 - Laredo to McAllen Texas - 290kms

We started the day visiting Suzuki of Lardeo. They are also a Kawi dealer. Jay had arranged to pick up some new TKC80's here (knobby tires for those who don't know).

I went to pick these up and get a quote for an oil change/spooning on the tires. Jay also needed a coolant flush done. So the quote I got was $268 per bike. Huh?

1.2 hours of labor per tire. I don't know about you, but I have personally done this in 20 minutes with a couple of shitty spoons in my driveway. I was pretty pissed and ready to leave. However, Jay still needed a rad flush and we needed to hit the road. After some humming and hawing and some prodding from Jay to just get going I agree to the service. I have regretted this ever since. Should have done it ourselves in the hotel room. Anyways, don't go here:

Rip off in effect:

Anyways, there are several lessons in this RR and this is the first: do it yourself unless it's really cheap!

Met a fellow from Ontario who keeps us occupied, chatting while the service takes place. He claims that we should "Watch out in Mexico, they're all criminals!!" Uh-huh, and all Canadians live in Igloos too. Nice guy, but c'mon man.. We also quickly meet a cool couple (originally from Brazil but living in London) riding 2 up on an Africa Twin. They're headed our way. Wonder if we might run into them again?

It's time to get the F out of Lardeo, so we head out on some 1 and 2 lane bi-ways and it's surprisingly cold. My mesh jacket really flows a lot of air! We're trying to hit McAllen before dark, but no dice, we end up riding expressway at night with our tinted sheilds. Not recommended. Grab a room.

It's about this time that we start reading the side effects of our Malaria meds: hair loss, blindness, bleeding from the ears, seizures, increased or decreased heart rate, dark spotting on the gums...WTF! We wonder if maybe we should skip em..

We also are a little concerned about the border tomorrow. People have been more than paranoid about the gang warfare, Police corruption and the good 'ol H1N1. It's all you hear about in the news. We'll see how it goes..

Dinner and bed in McAllen. Next up: the gulf of Mexico, finally.
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