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I thought I was going to have a boring weekend without any riding.
It seems I was wrong !

On Saturday morning I woke up and looked at the GSTOR and SJTOR threads.
A new SJTOR tag had not been posted yet.
The state tag was gotten early and a new tag was put up quickly.
The time stamp on the two pictures was 7 minutes apart so I figured the tag drop was really close to the tag pick-up.
There was a picture of an elephant statue and a clue of "marbling".
I looked up 'marble elephant statues south plainfield nj' and all kinds of variations and nothing came up.
(Nothing useful for a TOR game anyway! ).
As I thought about it later I thought perhaps the clue was for a marlbe store. You know, the ones who make countertops and such.
That was it.
There were three in the area and they were all close to the previous tag.
From looking at the tag picture and comparing it to BingMap views I thought I figured out which one it was.
So I wrote down my directions for that location, plus the other two just in case, and headed out the door.
My wife was not feeling well so I went by myself.

I took the most direct route (without tolls ).
Now if you ever get the chance to ride Route 206 from around Vincentown up to Bordentown and then take Route 130 from Bordentown to Route 1 in New Brunswick, DON'T DO IT !!!

Those roads are so bad it is rediculous.
I had done this route before for another tag (you will see later) and the bumps in these roads are atrocious.

So as I was making my second to last turn I saw this store and I had to stop.

NICE, a store named after me !
In RED too !

The tag was another few miles and I found it easily.
It was right where I thought it was.

Nice shot huh?
The parking spaces on each side were taken so I took a butt shot !

I saw this painted on the spaces in front of the store.

I guess that's where Visiting Marble parks !

Here is a front picture.

The elephant is located at All Granite and Marble Corp.
But you better hurry if you want to see it, its on a skid!

If you will notice, the right tusk is misssing!
Ahhhhhh, New Jersey !

State Tag #528 Marble Elephant
Marble Elephant @

My Thread of Where I've Been: "PC's Adventures in PIctures"

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