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My plan was to ride to the Marble Elephant and then go to the local library and try and upload my picture so I didn't have to ride home and possibly get bruced.

It took me 2 hours to get to the tag.
Another 15 or so to get to the library.

Do you ever go into public places with motorcycle riding gear on.
You get some interesting glances from people.

When I looked up the GSTOR I saw that the tag had already been gotten.
Minutes after I left the house!

The tagger had already placed a new tag.
One that was not down the street either.
Unfortunately the tag he placed had already been done.
One of the rules of the game is no re-tagging of previous tags.

So I looked up the Southern game and the tag looked like it was at the First Baptist Church in Pemberton.
I know where that is.
About 25 minutes from my house!

I figured I would drive by on my way home.
There were some other tags in the area I was in now, and I figured I would ride by those and come back to the library and see where the new state tag was put.

Next door to the library was State Tag #123. Volies Memorial.
There was quite a lot of interesting stuff here so I took a lot of pictures.
I also could not remember what angle the tag picture was taken at.
(That was a long time ago!)

This is South Plainfield Monument Park.
Check out the link. Some great pictures and tributes to those who serve our country.

I thought this helicopter was pretty cool.

In the first picture you can see: A big gun (behind the little tree to the left), an anchor (under the tail of the helicopter), a clock (to the far left), and several other monuments to various wars and to those who gave their lives for our country.

Here is a picture from the othe side.

And the fireman statue.

And aparently this is where we got the name for the tag.


State Tag #123 Volies Memorial

South Plainfield Monument Park @

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