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Originally Posted by HDB
Hi Mike, I looked at the post and the tank bolt frame mount looks like a pretty simple solution. Also, I cringe whenever someone says I didn't return an email, don't get me wrong I screw up more than most, so I went back and found your email and my reply from 11/12 and forwarded it on to you. Sometimes hotmail accounts go to spam, but give a check.

Here are some shots of the design I have, this along with the frame mt could solve it. It's tight between the lower clamps and they'll need some cutouts to fit, but this will get it mounted up.

.. pics ...

Let me know what you think. Paul
Hi Paul,

I got your direct email today, so that is working now, thanks.

Interesting design option above. Most solutions I have seen integrate the submount and riser, but you have proposed a more abstract submount allowing potentially stock risers of customer choice to be used across a wider variety of models, provided there is enough clearance in the middle.

There has been concern over the durability of using the gas tank bolt alone for the guide pin support, but the post is welded to the frame tube and looks more than sturdy enough to me as long as the pin height is reasonable - such as only use a under-bar not over-the-bar damper. Besides, if the bolt/pin or even the post were to snap off, it is an inconvenience, not a safety issue, in my book. Easy to weld repair even stronger. Tie wraps work for this in the field as a repair.

Motosportz fits their damper under the bar on the TE510 and lower models. Your submount might be designed to accomodate the bolt patterns of either damper, maybe even GPR in a single part?

- Mike
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