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It's been a little hard to set time aside to work on this, but I'm finally getting into the meat of the matter.

I managed to borrow an exhaust wrench (thanks Mykill!!) but was unable to loosen the nuts. So I bit the bullet and cut them. I was lucky to find a replacement set in Long Beach for a mere $10 each, which seemed a DEAL.

I used a dremel, some files and a screw driver to get them off. And I didn't destroy the threads, despite my heavy handedness!

The offending matter that started all this:

Definitely time to clean things. This is the inside of the heads:

The dangly semi-snot is I think the old seal. Don't think it was doing much.

The push rod seals looked ok, but were rock hard.

So now I've got to clean things up. I've read a wire brush, and even a wire tip for the dremel will work. I'm just concerned about scratching things. Is brass better than steel? Any suggestions? Also, I generally use kerosene to clean things. Is this a reasonable solvant to clean the heads and cylinders, or should I use something else?

Another crummy SoCal sunset

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