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So on the ride home I am tooling down Route 1 and Route 130 doing the speed limit at 55mph.
I am staying in a little strip of asphault on the left side of the left lane bacause there seem to be fewer bumps there.
Not the easiest maneuver on two wheels, but it seems to be working for me.

I have no clue who decides where to put the seams in a road.
I am no highway engineer, but I would think in between the lanes would be a good spot.
Maybe its just me!
Siderant over<

It was getting late and I wanted to get home not too long after dark.
So the traffic thins out as I pass I-195 and I am closing in on Bordentown doing 55 when I look down at my speedometer and it reads 105 !!!!! .
A quick check of my surroundings shows I am not passing anyone.
In fact I am at the same distance I was to the cars in front of me as I had been for several minutes.
A quick look at the tac shows my RPM's are where they should be for 55 mph.
I just replaced that speedometer cable about 6 months ago.

The odometer keeps rolling along.
I figured it had to be some electronic thingy between the fairly new cable and the dohicky that makes the needle point to it's proper location.
I'm no mechanic or electrical engineer either.

I figured I'd just be replacing another cable in the near future.

I stopped at a diner that makes some great cheesebread.

Mastoris between Route 130 & Route 206 in Bordentown.

I stopped to get this for my wife who was not feeling well.
She appreciated my thoughtfulness !

As I left there my speedometer was working fine.

Works for me!

So I take a side trip to look for the Southern Tag and come up empty again.
I found the First Baptist Church of Pemberton with no problem.
But there was no cemetery to be found around it.
I rode around a little bit and the only cemetery I found was for the Presbyterian Church, and the tag was not in there.
So I drove home.
Unfulfilled in my exploits of tagging for the day.

Cheese Bread @

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