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Originally Posted by Stagehand
Thats great, but actually I think Dogsroot's got the conch, so to speak. He's inline to place the next one. There's currently no timeframe for dropping a new tag, but if it goes longer than a day or two we'll gang up on him.

Hold yer horses y'all, a new TAG is at hand!

Originally Posted by HBurgNinja
I love the misspelling of bizarre

Saw that; didn't even register the spelling. And me a part-time editor too...

Originally Posted by FOXedupONE
Promoted the game in all the worldwide forums and invited them to come and play. Let's see who our first international player will be...
Technically, its me.

The DOGHOUSE is not in the good ole US of A.

Regardless of technicalities, I'm glad you promoted our Global Wild Card TOR internationally. That was one of several things running through my mind as I was runnin' 'round town.


I don't imagine I need to tell you what this is.

The Tag will be: a BIZARE building of some sort. The CN Tower qualifies in my mind 'cause its 180 stories tall, but has only 7 or so floors.
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