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Originally Posted by neduro
Good catch!
I could be wrong, but I thought the 01/02 SX's that had 48mm forks had the little axle, and it wasn't until 03 that anything got the bigger axle. But maybe that's just MX bikes, or maybe I'm just flat wrong. In any case, a minor point, except when buying wheels...
Yea, the ADV got the 48mm goods a year (at least) ahead of some of the others.

Nice thread, btw. I'm gonna share it with my 300EXC flogging bud. He loves 'em and here's his latest..

He's a big guy, REALLY fast, and has everything valved & sprung to suit. A real setup and maintenance freak. Even cleans it madly in between the dirt/mud dunkings. Anyway, what a great motorcycle.

Another bud has it really bad. Among other brands, he owns a 200exc, 450exc & Duke. You never know what he's gonna show up on, but he's another excellent enduro rider who's ate up with the details of good setup. You'd love a garage session over here!

FWIW, I think I'd prefer the 200 over all of 'em for tight woods, just 'cause I'm least likely to get maimed with 100 less cc.
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