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Originally Posted by neduro
Agree. If I wasn't a fatass (195 lbs) and didn't live at elevation, I'd be on a 200. Shoot, I'd be on a 200 if I just lived down lower- they have all the power anyone needs at reasonable elevations. My riding is mostly between 9 and 12k feet, though, and they are short of breath up there. So is the 300, but less so.

I'm sure I'd enjoy a garage session down there as well. You guys ever come to the TESCEC Enduros? I hit some of the North Texas ones...
The guys hit Colorado (Rampart) at least a couple of times a year, but I haven't made it up there with them as other types of rides/trips tend to take up all of my time off. One of these days, though. You're fortunate to be living up there, Neduro. Excepting the membership spots, small trails & such, we're pretty much down to a few national forest ride areas when it comes to woods riding. Of course far west Texas has some awesome dual-sporting, but it's about 600 miles from driveway to base camp.

Anyway, I'll see ya up there sometime.
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