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Main square, a line of restaurants on the other side. Ask for mint tea without sugar and the chef is so annoyed he makes it sweeter. One part mint, one part water, 500 parts sugar. Maybe a dozen wasps drowned in leftover half a glass. They ignored the honey and jam I had for breakfast and went after the tea.

Hardest Hashish seller yet.

The hash sellers here do their best to ruin the place. They stick to you like dog shit on a shoe and some are just as pleasant (to be fair some of them are funny). Anyway, they all have the same sales patter, welcome welcome, 1000 times welcome, Spanish? English? then a bit of chit chat, then fumar? fumar? When you say no, they think you mean the quality isn't good, then you must want opium, then you must want to go to their "fathers" hash plantation, then why are you visiting the Rif? Then, his friend thinks aha, he didn't want hash from him, they MUST want it from me!!!

Others try to butter you up a bit, our god is the same god, we're all the same people, we eat we drink, we fuck. A funny line the first time. Second time I heard it the bloke only had one tooth left. Oh dear, he forgot we have differing standards of dental hygiene and a different idea about how much sugar should go in a cup of tea. screwed with this post 01-28-2010 at 02:52 PM is offline   Reply With Quote