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San Carlos

I remember being thrilled when I arrived in San Carlos last year, probably largely due to its’ scenic splendor as well as being my first real stop after having crossed the border. After having spent the last couple of weeks in Baja/Mulege, I can see some downsides to it as well. First off, it’s kinda expensive. I’m staying in the Hotel Fiesta Real, as I did last year. It’s a beautiful spot on the beach with clean rooms.

A couple of shots from the terrace of my room at the Fiesta Real.

It also happens to cost twice what I was paying in Santa Rosalia at El Morro, and it’s a comparable room with a view. Only the Fiesta Real still doesn’t have internet in its rooms, but in the lobby only. *sigh*

So I head down to the bar to get a bite to eat and a cerveza. The menu is tasty here as I recall, but I’m put off by the cost of the food. I end up ordering a so-so Caesar salad for 60 pesos. And a beer for 29 pesos. In case you haven’t been following along too closely, that’s a lot of money for what they’re delivering. Usually I can get a full meal for 60 to 120 pesos. My cheapest beer so far has been Tico’s bar out at La Bufadora south of Ensenada for 10 pesos. Up until today, the highest I’ve paid was 25 pesos for a beer. Nevermind. I’m tired and the view is great, so I order another and watch the sunset.

The view from the Fiesta Real's bar.

Then head out to dinner at Charlie’s Rock. It’s a scenic little restaurant built on a rock outcropping along the malecon in town.

I order the fish tacos for 75 pesos. Again, I’m disappointed. Probably I’m spoiled by the fish tacos I’ve been having at Danny’s Asadero , and the pescado al mojo de ajo at Scott’s El Cadil in Mulege. Such is life.

I head home to the Fiesta Real, stopping off for a 6-pack, when a thunderstorm cuts loose, and I’m donning my rain jacket. I watched the President’s State of the Union address on my computer in the lobby, as the TV in the room seems to be some kind of motel PPV set up where I can watch as many porn movies, (at $12 each), as I want, but getting a news channel is a tad more problematic. The Prez seemed to hit all his notes on cue. We’ll see how it all turns out.

The next day I cruise into Guaymas and have lunch in a downtown restaurante. Three chicken enchiladas, salad, and beans + coke for 60 pesos. There was a moto shop next door, so I had Chano, the mechanic adjust my chain while I was eating. It was kinda expensive, (50 pesos or about $3.90), then again, it was dead easy, so I don’t mind helping a Mexican mechanic out.

There are thunderheads building again. I leave for Alamos on Saturday. Mundobravo is trying to get here to San Carlos tomorrow, but due to weather when leaving New Mexico, was not sure he’ll make it. We’ll either meet here tomorrow night, or on the road, or in Alamos the next day. Hopefully, he’s having a safe and fun, (if wet), ride.

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