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Had fun at the hostel here, got a lot of abuse from an old British bloke Peter (very funny guy). Also, Chloe took us to an illicit bottle store for few bottle of cheap red wine - great!!! payment was to take here out on a bike the next day. Went for a ride near the hostal and stumbled on a local market.

This dude wanted his picture taken so many times.

He gave Chloe a hot green chilli. She translated his french as saying it was mild and not hot. Hmmm, I took a big bite and agreed it wasn't hot at all and handed her half to eat (I love chilli, hur hur).


Drinking buddies

We also went to a crazy pub, and saw I some of the local's pickup techniques (so funny). Some smoothie stood half a foot away from Chloe and smacked his lips at her (like I would at a piece of fried chicken).

She then told some other suitor I was her fiancée,... this was like telling a hash seller you don't smoke. Anyway, he offered to make love to her all night, and invited her to the corner of the bar. As Chloe translated I did a mock horrified double take and gave him a raised eyebrow Gemma would be proud of (Gem is my boss) and he ran off.

Suitor number three was a classy dude. His line was "I have 29 years in the air conditioning business, a wife and grown children. He would give Chloe a hotel and a flat (with great air con presumably). He was a man of means, a very ample stomach and a fantastic moustache. That was AFTER Chloe and pointed me out as her husband. If she said she was single i think he would have spirited her away in Borat's wedding sack.

Very funny night out, ending us getting busted sneaking in late to the hostal and Chloe was caught taking a leak in the garden. haaa haaa!!! screwed with this post 01-28-2010 at 04:26 PM is offline   Reply With Quote