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Originally Posted by FOXedupONE

So where is the Doghouse? Canada?
Yeah, FOXedupONE, the DOGHOUSE is in Toronto, but is getting shipped out to Yemen early Feb.

ST-Ranger, I like the pool TAG. A good internat'l choice. There's one a few blocks away, and I have had to restrain myself and let some others play too.
If the flurries start up again though, I may give in to tagging temptation just 'cause it'd be such a cool pic!

Stagehand, you musta read my freaking mind! I was vegging in front of the tube on Tues evening and was idly wondering if all the *good* folks on the NAWCTOR would allow a special dispensation for me to tag from Yemen. Then I thought, Hell, I should start a World Wide Wildcard TOR!!

'Course when I logged on I saw you had beat me to it...

... and the rest is History.
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