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After posting several pictures of where I had been on Saturday I ate dinner looked for the location of the Southern Tag and went to bed.

I woke up early on Sunday for some reason.
I checked the TOR games and found that the person who had gotten the State Tag relinquished it to me because he was apparently tied up at work for a while and didn't have time to get another tag up.

And the Southern Tag was still available.

Hmmmmmm !
What to do ?

I knew where the Southern Tag was, or I was pretty sure anyway, so I figured I would go for that and think about my options for a new State Tag.
The problem I had was I needed to be back home in time to leave for church (that's not really a problem).
My thinking was that I wanted to do a decent tag and if I waited until after church to post a new one it would be early afternoon, and I wanted to keep the game going.

I wasn't too concerned really because as you can see there is plenty of stuff to tag in New Jersey.
Some better than others of course !

So I rode to where I thought the Southern Tag was and there it was.

Yes, another cemetery.
With more than three people buried there!

Between the cemetery and the road I took home the night before there was a gas station.
The front of the building in the background faces the road I took.
The church for this cemetery is about 1/4 mile down that road to the left.
Either the church was originally here and moved, or they bought this land just for burial purposes.

What is interesting about this grave is the sign that says "IN GOD WE TRUST".

The plaque below the sign explains its significance.

I never knew that before !
And I had no idea the man lived in New Jersey !


I found the location of the grave marker a little confusing as the plaque states Rev. Watkinson was buried 50 yards behind the plalque by the white post.
After thinking about it my guess would be that this plaque was originally placed on the front fence to the cemetery (which looks to be about 150 feet) and later moved to the grave marker itself which is next to a white post.

Here is the story about the formation of the motto and a picture of Rev. Watkinson from a church he pastored in Pennsylvania.

Scroll down about half way on this link for a more detailed story about the motto getting onto our currency.

Rev. Watkinson is said to have been born in New Jersey but I have not been able to find out how he came to be buried out here in Pemberton.
He aparently got around quite a bit. He helped to start a church in Camden, NJ, and also the one in Pennsylvania and he also served in a church in Richmond, VA.

Some more great history in my area I never knew about.

Rev. Mark R. Watkinson grave @ (Pemberton's First Baptist Church Cemtery)

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