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On Monday afternoon the State Tag was placed near Atlantic City.
That's about an hour from me.
The problem was I did not have the time as I was putting some new auxiliary lights on my bike.

I have been wanting extra lights for about as long as I have had the bike.
I did not want to spend a gazillion dollars for lighting either.
The problem I was having is when the lights are on low beam I could not see very far down the road.
When the light was on high beam I could not see the road right in front of me.

I wanted to fill in those voids with auxiliary lighting.
(I do have one of those Silver Star bulbs in the light housing.)

The other problem I was having is no one had any suggestions for a PC800.
The PC800, from what I have read, only has about 90 extra watts of power.
All the lights I looked at were 55 watts apiece.
Too much for this old truck to handle.

Sooooo, I came up with my own solution.
Run one light with the low beam and point it out further.
Hook the other light up with the high beam and point it at the road in front of me.
Works great !

Now the Pacific Coast is a great bike, but just hope you don't have to do any work on it!
Here is what I had to go through to get the lights wired in.

Take out the grill, both mirrors, the cover band around the bottom of the windshield, a couple of other plastic pieces, the windshield and the light plug.
That's all !!!

The part that took the longest was making a bracket to support the lights with.
I wanted them up high and not on the forks.
The forks have all of that plastic on them and I did not want to put screws and holes in them.

I shaped a piece of aluminum flat stock to fit under the headlight area and widened it out past the plastic in the front and placed the lights there.

Doesn't look too bad for an amature!
And who could complain for $16.88 + tax.

The lights work great for what I needed.
I did blow a fuse the next day and I replaced the 10amp with a 15amp.

I think that will take care of that.
I hope so because the fuse box is behind the side cover and it takes about 15 minutes to replace one.

And don't tell anyone, but I broke one of the tabs on the cover somehow !



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