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Originally Posted by master link
I enjoy'd seeing all your pics, especially when all i can do is look at pics instead of riding now i must ask, what are these "tags" your talking about? i guess i dont get it.
The game is called Tag-O-Rama.
One of the riders in our state started the Garden State Tag-O-Rama.
Here is the thread.
The rules are explained on the first post, but here are the basics.

Rules are easy...

The "Tag" can be any object. It will be the object directly behing the bike in the photo.

#1 - Find the tag and reproduce the photo (as best as possible). The first person to post a found tag gets to place the next tag. If you get a photo, but somebody else posts their picture first, you lose.

#2 - Go to a new location and park your bike in front of something, get the photo and post it here. Give a few hints so the next person can figure out where the tag is located. Try to place the tags in interesting locations, maybe a bit of history that can be found down some nice twisties.

The basic idea is it is a tag game with motorcycles.
For instance, I was the first person to the Noyes Museum and post my picture on the above thread.
As the first person to do so I get to place/drop a new tag anywhere in the Garden State/New Jersey that I want (the Milestone Marker).

The same rider also later started a South Jersey Tag-O-Rama where the tags need to be placed below I-195 which pretty much divides the state into north and south.

The reason I keep refering to them is that these are the places I have been riding to since I found this thread.

For some reason it is very addicting !


My Thread of Where I've Been: "PC's Adventures in PIctures"
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